Sunday, February 13, 2011

Veletrzni Palace

  The next day, and our last in Prague, we went to Veletrzni Palace.  Which I guess is a palace, by some technical definition, but it doesn't look like a palace, and it is in fact a modern art museum.  That's right — you get another museum tour!  Back-to-back museum tours!  Lucky you.

  Being a modern art museum, it has a certain amount of this sort of thing:

  However, it's really quite huge:

so it has a lot of good stuff too.  (Well, that may not follow logically; but in any case, it does.)  A few that I liked:

  Then I discovered a new entry in my List of Favorite Artists, Frantisek Kupka.  This guy is amazing:

  He also did paintings that weren't abstract, and a fair bit of political cartoonery, and so forth, but I'm showing just his abstract stuff since that's what blew me away.  The first couple in the next batch may also be Kupka, I'm not certain; but then we move on into lots of other stuff, some of which you'll doubtless recognize:

  What a museum!  By the way, if anybody is looking for a most excellent present idea for me, a coffee-table book of art by Frantisek Kupka would be quite pleasing, if a good one exists.

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