Sunday, February 13, 2011


  On January 3rd Keewi and I took the train up to Prague for a honeymoon-within-the-honeymoon.  We arrived in the evening at our hotel right in Old Town Square:

  It was surprisingly quiet despite the location, and close to everything.  It wasn't cheap, but then it's actually hard to find cheap accommodations in Prague unless you go down to hostel-type places.  Hotel Cerna Liska, which means "black fox".  I think it is one of a large number of boutiquey hotels that have opened in Prague in just the law couple of years.  Painted wooden ceilings which were simultaneously gimmicky (I'm pretty sure that, far from being medieval, they had been painted, oh, last year) and nice.

  We went for an evening walk around the city, and I got some very nice photos of dusk on the river:

  Then we found a neighborhood pub and had some real Czech beer sitting elbow-to-elbow with real Czechs (Keewi's camera now):

  The coaster is the name of the bar, U Zlateho Tygra.  Wow, everybody's got a website these days.  Shared tables; we sat with maybe some students, and with an old fellow who simply everybody seemed to know; every few moments someone would stop at our table to say hi to him.  He spoke no English, and we of course speak no Czech, but we had a very friendly time of it with smiles and nods and gestures, and he took the photo of us together.

  Welcome to Prague!

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