Sunday, February 13, 2011


  So we went down to Laxenburg on New Year's Day, so Keewi could see the schloss where I work:

  It was quite deserted, naturally.  I gave her a tour of those parts of the schloss that my key will get me into (see my summer photos for that tour), and then we went for a walk through the park behind the schloss:

  I've taken a few photos of that park before, but I was in for a surprise (switching to my camera now):

  The lake was frozen over, and there were ice skaters, people with dogs and strollers, people playing ice hockey, etc., all over the place.  A lot of people, too, but this photo doesn't really show it because I'm zoomed in on the castle behind.  Some more shots as we wandered around the lake to the castle and back:

  Sometimes I forget how beautiful of a place I'm getting to work, and then a day like this comes along to remind me!

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  1. I want to see it in summer! - Actually I want to see all the places we went during summer :) Make it happen!