Saturday, March 19, 2011

Wrapping up

  At some point I'll do a proper blog entry on the Hendry lab's eco-evolutionary dynamics blog, discussing the science that we did at the Abisko winter school.  This is not the forum for that, though, so if you're interested in that, subscribe to that blog.  :->

  For now, I'll just say that I spent most of the daylight hours in a small but aesthetic lecture hall:

listening to talks by luminaries like Ole Seehausen:

and then in the evenings I got to hang out with a great crew of fellow students:

  (There are some instructors in that photo too, but you get the idea.)  It was lots of fun, I learned a lot about ecology and speciation, and I saw the northern lights for the first time.  Oh, and I played such a great set of ping-pong with one of my comrades that I got a blister on my knuckle that is still healing now, more than a week later.  Not bad!

  On the way home, the group stopped off at the Icehotel in Kiruna, Sweden, a hotel made of (you guessed it!) ice.  I took lots of photos there; it was really quite nifty (at the same time that it was gimmicky).  Then I went to Stockholm and left my camera on a bench in a bus station, so that's that; go to their website if you want to see what a hotel made of ice looks like.  I got some nice sunset photos of river ice and elegant buildings in Stockholm, too.  Oh well.  Now I'm trying to decide what kind of camera I will buy as a replacement.  Hmm... an Olympus PEN E-PL2, perhaps?

  OK!  Since this is a travel blog, and I'm done traveling, this is my last post until I return to Europe, probably this August/September.  I'll be putting up my favorite photos on my photography website,, so you can check that out.  And I'll be posting about the winter school from an academic perspective at, if that interests you.  Apart from that... have a happy spring equinox!  Over and out!

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