Tuesday, March 8, 2011

My car

  Hello from Abisko, Sweden, north of the Arctic circle!  I have lots to blog about from up here, but before I do, let me just share with you some photos of the winter I'm missing back in Montreal. This is my car, which I left for the winter at a friend's cabin north of the city:

  Yes, there is a car in there.  I'm hoping its roof hasn't gotten crushed in by the weight of the snow or something, and that the engine will start come spring.

Amusingly, there is less snow in Abisko than in Montreal, and it's warmer here than in Montreal, too.  This, despite Abisko being well north of Fairbanks, Alaska, or Reykjavik, Iceland, or pretty much any other crazy-remote northern spot you can think of.  But it would have been a different story if we had gotten to Abisko two weeks ago; it was -35°C back then, apparently.

  OK, my workshop (on ecology and speciation) is about to start again, so I must be off. When I have time, I'll post about the aurora borealis I saw last night!

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