Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bought a bicycle

  Bought a bicycle today.  100 euros.  Not sure if that was a good price or not, but I wanted a bicycle, so here I am.  It needed a little adjusting — the rear wheel kept rubbing — but I think maybe I've got it set up now. I rode home along the Donaukanal, which was somewhat nice, but not entirely nice.  Many tourists to dodge, and then later on, occasional smells of sewage and many industrial plants.  I got very lost and rode way, way past the south end of Vienna, and trying to get home I accidentally ended up on the freeway, which was very exciting.  I got off the freeway through one of those emergency doors in the sound wall.  Happily, that plopped me right onto the bike path that I should have been on the whole time, and after getting lost a couple more times, I made it back to the guesthouse just before sunset.  A doner kebab sandwich, a fischsemmel (think filet-o-fish), and a Gossen (local beer), and all is right with the world.  Time for bed; I have a presentation tomorrow morning that I haven't rehearsed at all.  :-O  But... I have a bicycle!  Bratislava, here I come!

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